Devin Booker – “Bandit” ( NBA 2020 Season Mix)

If you have asked me last year what do i think about Devin Booker, my answer would sound something like this, amazing player, unstoppable offensively, but, and that would be big but, he don’t make his team win.

This year it is a different story, Devin Booker is playing amazing and Phoenis Suns are yet again a solid NBA team. Of course that Booker have a lot of better teammates now than he had last year. Just look at Rubio, Baynes, Šarić, also Oubre with whom he played just a final third of last season. That is finally an enviroment in which Booker can shine.

Suns are currently 8th seed in strong west, will they make a playoffs on that nobody can give an answer, but this Phoenix Suns are finally winning games and main reason for that is Devin Booker.


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