Dwyane Wade HD mix – The Amazing Flash

A D-Wade mix I made which contains highlights from his career going back to 2003, but mostly the clips are from the 2011-2012 season so they are fresh, new and probably unseen by you.
This is probably one of my best mixes so far and I’m proud of it, hope you like and if you do please be sure to hit the Like/dislike/subscribe/comment button and check out my other mixes as well if you want.

This Dwyane Wade mix wouldn’t be done without the suggestions of Mert Köprucu. And I would like to dedicate it to my Luleå friend Denzel Andersson. Both future NBA players, maybe 😛

I don’t claim a shit from the copyright of this video, thanks to all the utuber’s who put the footage’s for me and thanks to Jamie foxx for making this song [winner] so I could use it, all the rights belong to their rightful owners.



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